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Will be up at this address soon!  Keep in touch to find out more about why we need to optimize microbials and optimize inflammatory response in our bodymind and how to use herbs, ayurveda and yoga to accomplish this.

*Optimicrobial TM and Optimicrobials TM Optiinflammatory TM  are Trademarks of Prajna Remedies and  Prashanti de Jager.

Prashanti’s Model of Immunity*(aka Adaptivity)1) Healthy Hematopoesis Function:  Full & Powerful2) Healthy Opti-inflammatory Function: Balanced & Centered3) Healthy Histamine Function: Cogent & Intelligent4) Healthy Opti-MicrobialTM** Function: Healthy Boundaries*Prashanti’s Model of Immunity Adaptivity is Trademarked by Prashanti de Jager**(Optimicrobial & Optimicrobials are Trademarks owned by Prashanti de Jager)

Adaptivity & Opti-Microbials

Prashanti’s theory of Immunity, Adaptivity, is all about 'anti-nothing' and 'opti-everything'